Hansen will be closed for the holidays from Thursday, December 24th through New Year’s Day, and will return to regular business operations on Monday, January 4th, 2021 at 8 AM. We truly appreciate your business throughout this roller coaster of a year, and we wholeheartedly wish you and yours a happy, heartwarming holiday season and a brighter outlook for the New Year!

The holiday closure affects two weeks of deliveries, so please plan well ahead for changes to your normal shipping schedule and order cutoff deadlines:
  • There will be no deliveries in either holiday week for some customers that are on certain Wednesday and Thursday shipping routes (West Michigan/Lansing/Jackson and Northern Michigan). The week of December 14th will be your last opportunity to receive orders before Christmas.
  • There will be no customer deliveries at all during the week of December 28th.
  • We will do our utmost to accommodate shipments of orders placed the week of December 21st. Any that are not able to go out that week will be shipped the week of January 4th, 2021.

Please check with your Hansen sales representative or customer service for more information. Click here for details. All of us at Hansen wish you a wonderful, safe, and healthy holiday time!