There are the practical uses for columns, but nowadays it’s all about the look and style. You don’t have to choose between both with Crown Column. Have the ease of mind with a high quality product that is easy to handle, water-resistant and impervious to moisture and insect-related problems.

Aesthetically Pleasing and Low Maintenance 

Cellular PVC L-Wraps
Site-built columns can be a headache. Crown’s PVC L-Wraps are easy to install and can be positioned around the structural support as needed by adjusting the square blocks. The two-piece L-shaped column wraps and come equipped with a cap and base, nailing strips, squaring blocks and adhesive caulk. The PVC L-Wraps are backed by a 25-Year Limited Lifetime Warranty. Realize near limitless design possibilities and get quality assurance that eliminates the need for a custom product with a custom product and lead time.

Fiberglass Columns
Crown’s Round SpunCast™ fiberglass columns are available in plain, fluted, and no-taper shafts. SpunCast™ columns are a composition of cast, glass-reinforced polymers with exceptional strength and durability. Our columns are building code compliant with our most popular sizes covered under ICC ESR-1361. To complement our columns, we have developed an extensive offering of capitals and bases.

Wood Columns
Crown’s wood columns come standard with a polyurethane Tuscan capital and base that are water and rot resistant and impervious to insect infestation. Optional design styles include the Attic base and the Roman Doric base. For the more traditional installations, Crown offers a full range of decorative capitals available in a variety of sizes and variations including, Scamozzi Roman, Corinthian, Temple of Winds and Roman Iconic.

Types Stocked At Hansen
– Plain Craftsman PVC L-Wraps (Non-Structural)
– Plain SpunCast™ Fiberglass (Craftsman)
– Non-Tapered Square Pultruded Fiberglass Columns with PolyTuscan Cap+Base Sets

– Tapered Round SpunCast™ Fiberglass Columns with Engineered Resin or with PolyTuscan Cap+Base Sets, or Decorative Capitals
– Non-Tapered Round SpunCast™ Fiberglass Columns with Poly Contemporary or Tuscan Cap+Base Sets
– Tapered Round Colonial Wood Columns (Pine) with PolyTuscan Cap+Base Sets

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